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Edinburgh in Pictures is a website focussed on the history of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Whether you live in the city, or are ‘just’ visiting, there’s plenty in Edinburgh’s rich past to entrance and interest you.

Much of the information on this website is focussed on local history – after all, the present is the smallest time period, so while you’ll find information about the buildings and attractions today, you’ll also find information about how buildings were used in the past, how streets got their names, and the ordinary (and notorious) residents of the city and what became of them.

Essential Edinburgh – Walking Tours

Explore the city with one of our Essential guides. Follow a route around the city and learn about the history and architecture of different areas.

Each entry is illustrated with an original photograph, and there are many historic images and web references to help you understand how the city has changed through the years, from prehistoric times to the present day, and discover how the changing times have affected the very essence of Edinburgh and the nature of her inhabitants.