What to Carry When Travelling to Edinburgh

There really is lots to do in Edinburgh, whether you are visiting during summer or in the winter times. It is essential to research and seek a recommendation on what the best places to visit would be. Once you actually know where you will be staying, you can then start packing for the ultimate experience.

What to Bring When Visiting Edinburgh for the First Time

  • Appropriate attire: Scotland can get very cold, so visitors should always carry a warm jacket and scarves to layer up when it gets chilly. There can be occasional rainfall, so a waterproof jacket is ideal. If you are unduly concerned about your luggage being bulky, you can ask for Edinburgh luggage storage facilities, so that you do not have to carry your bag everywhere you go.
  • Scotland power adapter: If you are going to use electrics, including your phone, you should know that the power outlet used in Scotland is not the same as the one in the USA and other countries. The UK uses a different kind of charging system. To be safe, you should carry a universal adapter, so that you can charge several electronics at the same time.
  • Medication: Carry any medication you will need during your travel. It can be pain relief medication, supplements, jet lag relief medicine or any prescription you have so that you do not fall sick during the trip.
  • Travel insurance: The unexpected can happen while you are travelling. To be wholly on the safe side, it is essential always to have travel insurance and carry it with you.
  • Hiking shoes: There are a lot of exciting places to visit in Edinburgh. You need waterproof hiking shoes so that you can comfortably move around despite the weather. Go with shoes which you have worn before, to avoid ending up with uncomfortable blisters.