What’s It Like to Live in Edinburgh?

This modern city boasts the most sound economy outside of Greater London. It has many employment opportunities in business and technology, finance and insurance, academic research and education, as well as tourism and travel. Depending upon your budget it can be cheaper to live outside the city in the catchment areas of West Lothian, Midlothian and East Lothian. These are all within less than a one-hour commute.

Why Edinburgh?

The capital city of Scotland since the 1300s is a very captivating place with many art galleries, museums, historical sites, and it is well known as a city of some culture. Tourism plays a significant part in the economy of Edinburgh, and you can undertake bus tours, walking tours or just explore the magnificent culture of the city on foot by yourself, or with a companion or family members. Tourist guides will give you all the information you need to know about the attractions of Edinburgh.


Edinburgh may be a large university town and a UNESCO City of Literature, but it certainly knows how to party and have a good time. It has many old traditional public houses such as:

  • The Athletic Arms, which was well known in the past as a meeting place for local gravediggers. Nowadays, this welcoming traditional pub features a collection of over 250 types of whisky.
  • The King’s Wark, once the residency and armoury of King James 1, has lots of old-world charm and is well known for its traditional character and popular pub meals.
  • The Sheep Heid Inn is renowned as one of, if not the oldest pub, in Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots, was said to frequent the hostelry and it still houses a skittle alley that visitors are welcome to use.

Living in Edinburgh

So, whether you want to take advantage of the work opportunities, tourist hotspots, nightlife, the culture, the welcoming locals or the general ambience of Edinburgh, why not give it a try?