The History of Edinburgh and Its Buildings and Tourist Attractions

History of Edinburgh

The first known human settlements in Edinburgh date back to 8500 BC. The famous site of Castle Rock, which contains Arthur’s Seat, is said to have first been inhabited in approximately 900 BC. In the fifteenth century, Edinburgh was made Scotland’s royal capital, and between 1671 and 1678, the Palace of Holyrood was built for Charles II. Subsequently, the city was to become overpopulated and vast apartments, 12 stories high, were built in the Royal Mile. The New Town was completed at the beginning of the 19th century. The Scottish National Gallery, the Scott Monument and Calton Hill were built around this period. After this, the town proliferated, and many other attractions, department stores and museums were opened, creating the popular tourist attractions known today. After 292 years, the Scottish Parliament opened on 1 July 1999 in the city, giving partial independence to Scottish people.

Famous Buildings and Attractions in Edinburgh

Well-known landmarks include the Balmoral Hotel, Bute House, the City Observatory, Craigie Hall, the Dean Gallery, the Dominion Cinema, Edinburgh Castle, the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, the Edinburgh National Conference Centre and Edinburgh Zoo. There are many more outstanding buildings and attractions, but rest assured Edinburgh has something for everyone. Here is a very brief summary of two of the main attractions in the city.

Edinburgh Zoo

This zoo is very popular with locals and tourists alike and gets around 600000 visitors each year. This was the first zoo to breed and keep penguins. It is also the only zoo in Great Britain to have giant pandas and koala bears in captivity.

Edinburgh Castle

The castle is known as the most besieged fortress in Great Britain, and it hosted the first fireworks display in Scotland in 1507. Tourists and locals can enjoy a three-hour personal tour of the castle, and an Edinburgh Old Town Walking Tour which includes the castle.

Undoubtedly, there is much more to see and do in Edinburgh.